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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prisoners Votes Case aired on the Iain Dale radio show

Prisoners Votes Case aired on the Iain Dale radio show

Last Friday night I was arguing the Prisoners Votes Case on the Iain Dale radio show. I came on twice from about 20 minutes in. Well worth a listen to hear me get the better of Iain Dale on my pet subject. Also apart from one idiotic listener who responded that the idea was stupid, the callers and those who emailed were in support of the prisoners votes.

Listen again here.

I thank Iain for giving this subject air time, even if his bias kept showing through. I think it is better when presenters keep an open mind because battling against prejudice, ignorance and fear is an uphill struggle.


Robyn Levers said...

Loved it! As a prisoners wife, I've been subjected to a lot of negative comments from the media and the general public. I know take it on the chin because unless they've walked in my shoes, their comments don't mean jack to me!

Robyn Levers said...

OOPS! If it's one thing I hate it's typo's! The above should read - I NOW take it on the chin!

jailhouselawyer said...

Robyn: Cheers. I think we won that round.

Anonymous said...

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