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Friday, August 28, 2009

Wire me

Wire me

I recall coming across a couple of pieces relating to The Wire, which I have never watched but I know Bob Piper has blogged on it a couple of times, example, so I emailed him the links. I did not read the pieces but scanning them with my eyes I picked out The Wire references and just sent them off.

Now blog wars has broken out again because Alex Hilton hoaxed the MSM and some bloggers.

One of the links I sent Bob Piper is this one.

Part of the blog wars has to do with journalism and churnalism, and the failure to carry out research.

I was tickled when I found this at the bottom of the Liberal Conspiracy post " About the author: This is a guest post. Paul Sagar is currently press and research assistant to Dr John Pugh, Liberal Democrat MP for Southport. He now lives in East London and is a part-time researcher for the Tax Justice Network. Paul blogs at Bad Conscience".

If I was Dr John Pugh I would be very worried...

Has Alex Hilton done a moonie?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Your post is pretty silly, i'm afraid, and a moments reflection will show you why.

My article for Liberal Conspiracy referred to a UK politician citing the wire (he did so on UK TV, and it was much documented), and pointed out - using knowledge of the wire - that his rhetoric was wholly misplaced.

My piece had NOTHING to do with churnalism. Nor did it have anything to do with the hoax letter (it was written and published before the letter you refer to came to public awareness).

Could you explain to me why I have failed to undertake research, as you are implying?

You know, it might really have helped if you had bothered to read my article. Or The Wire. Neither of which - as you say in your own post! - you have bothered to read or view.

I must say, of all the attempts to smear me online, this is by far the most inept. Your blog carries a remark about people who reply with though process and those with knee jerks...a little self reflection seems in order, don't you think?

And for the record, I no longer work for John Pugh, as i'm returning to University to do a Masters degree (that post went up on my last day of employment).

Thanks for the link though...