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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Tough talk no action

Chris Grayling states people don't understand sentencing. And neither does he. Automatic release is dependent upon good behaviour and good reports and upon prisoners completing offending behaviour courses.

The Parole Board only releases 20% of case.

Not only is Grayling a non lawyer, he's a dangerous liar.


Sarah said...

He's either a bare faced liar or he is extremely ignorant. I don't have the responsibility of running the nation's prisons, yet even I know that any sentence over four years requires parole board approval for release at the 50% stage. The 'default' release is actually 75% of the way through the sentence I believe.

Tim said...

Chris Grayling used to spend all of his time insulting and lying about unemployed peoplee. Yet he is happy to squat in a job which even I am better qualified to fill.