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Friday, March 30, 2012

Why ACPO stinks like a pig sty!

Why ACPO stinks like a pig sty!

Chief Constable to take on ACPO role

Posted on 23rd March 2012 13:32

Nottinghamshire’s Chief Constable Julia Hodson is to spend the last five months of her police service leading on a piece of work for the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in preparation for the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners later this year.

Ms Hodson is due to take up the role at the beginning of April when the force’s DCC Chris Eyre will become Acting Chief Constable.

Last year she announced she would retire at the end of August 2012, at which time Mr Eyre will succeed her.

In a message to all officers and staff Ms Hodson said: “It’s been a privilege to serve here for four years and an honour to work with so many talented and dedicated officers, staff, volunteers and partners.

“I move on to my new role with every confidence that the force will go from strength to strength, feeling safe and reassured as a resident on the patch.”


1. Why is a serving Chief Constable working for a private company during time she should be working in the Police Service?

2. Will she be drawing her salary from the Police Service even though she is not turning up for work for 5 months?

3. Will she be getting paid by the private company ACPO whilst still a serving Chief Constable?

4. Will the Deputy Chief Constable Chris Eyre get a raise in salary when he becomes Acting Chief Constable?

5. Why couldn't Chief Constable Julia Hodson take up the new job when she retired instead of moonlighting whilst still a serving police officer?

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