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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Humber Bridge Board to cut car tolls by March 2012

Humber Bridge Board to cut car tolls by March 2012

The toll to cross the Humber Bridge are expected to be cut to £1.50 before March 2012

Tolls on the Humber Bridge will be cut before March 2012, the organisation which operates the bridge has pledged.

The chairman of the Humber Bridge Board, David Gemmell, said the £3 charge for a one-way bridge crossing by car would be slashed within weeks.

Chancellor George Osborne had earlier called on the board to cut tolls after announcing the government had written-off £150m of the bridge's £330m debt.

Mr Gemmell said the board aimed to cut car tolls by the end of February.

He said the Humber Bridge Board was "delighted" with the chancellor's announcement about the debt write-off in his Autumn Statement on Tuesday.

Mr Gemmell said it was now down to the local authorities represented on the Humber Bridge Board to accept the government's debt write-off, but he said he believed they would do so.

"It is something the bridge board has been trying to get for many, many years," he said.

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