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Monday, December 05, 2011

Met Police search for truth not Madeleine

Met Police search for truth not Madeleine

The Metropolitan Police force has said there would be no limits in its re-examination of the search.

The search has to start with Apartment 5A and seek to establish why the McCanns felt the need to make false statements claiming that there had been a break-in. Apart from this being a cover up, it is strong indication that when the McCanns went out that evening there was only the twins alive and well in Apartment 5A. There is evidence of no break-in, but no evidence of either an abductor or abduction. It's not so much a search for Madeleine, but a search for the truth.

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richard said...

Good on you for keeping this one alive John. It has been all too easily swept under the carpet in most quarters.