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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dear Osama Bin Laden...

Dear Osama Bin Laden...

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I find it offensive that a English prisoner is punished under the Prison Rules 1999 for depicting a terrorist as a pig.

The relevant rule:

Offences against discipline
51. A prisoner is guilty of an offence against discipline if he -

(20) uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour;

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From Hull Daily Mail (late edition) In Brief (not online)

Prison paper stopped

Hull: Almost 50,000 copies of a prisoner newspaper have been pulled from jails across the country after Muslim clerics complained about an article written by a Hull inmate.

Andy Thackwray wrote the latest installment of Angry Andy in the Inside Time newspaper.

It was a satrical piece that called the international swine flu outbreaks as a botched Al-Qaeda terrorism plot - and carried with it cartoon of Osama Bin Laden with swine flu.

However, after several complaints were made by Imams from across the country, the Director General of the National Offender Management Service, Phil Wheatley, asked for the edition to be pulled.

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Cartoon censored from UK prisoners magazine Inside Time for upsetting Muslim prisoners, 2009


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that so many Muslim clerics have links to the british prison system, as if that is where they belong....

BUT I don't want to tell you that.....

Anonymous said...

Apart from the article being VeRY funny, what?

Anonymous said...

I didn't like Thackwrays piece one bit to be quite honest. For one, it wasn't even that funny compared to some of the articles he's previously written for Inside Time.
Surely Inside Time knew the piece would cause a stink? It's hardly rocket science is it!

Anonymous said...

@Ron Knee - in summer 2005, it was broadcast that a lot of Afro-Caribbean converts to Islam were converted in prison. Many of them I see outside Walthamstow station have a really violent take on things, and shout things about this country that would be classed as sedition in other countries that still possess some self-respect.

Prisoners Families Voices said...

Thackwray's down the block for fear of getting his block knocked off! It's obvious it's a publicity stunt, the cartoon itself proves that for God sake.

Anonymous said...

its a messed up world when you get nicked for insulting a terrorist. Hope he has a good brief.