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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Local news on the Home Front and Pearson Park

Local news on the Home Front and Pearson Park

Last night, at 11.30pm, 4 yobs decided to disturb the peace outside my house. They were threatening and abusive towards me. One was claiming that his sister had phoned him and said that she was with me. It was a lie. I don't care whether she lied to him or he was lying to me. I certainly was not going to unlock the front door to confront them, despite them kicking the door and threatening to throw a wheelie bin through my window. I simply called the police.

Twenty minutes later the police decided to respond!

I suggested that their Scientific Investigation Branch came and fingerprinted the overturned wheelie bins. The Department has taken over our local police station, leaving us at the mercy of such yobs, whilst the police come from the otherside of town! I can walk into town in 20 minutes!

The police said that they would not come out just for a wheelie bin. I said that the crime was not the wheelie bin, it is innocent, the crime is disturbing the peace!

It is clear to me that because of turning our local police station into just a Scientific Investigation Branch, we do not have effective policing in my area. It is mob rule.

Had the yobs managed to kill me, or I kill one or more of the yobs, no doubt the Scientific Investigation Brance would have attended the scene of the crime. Why wait for somebody to be killed before adequately responding to a 999 emergency call?

Other news.

This morning I met a lady in Pearson Park with 3 dogs, 1 a Lurcher, who was playing with Rocky. She asked whether Rocky had got over the dog bite. I must have looked at her puzzled, because she added "My husband reads your blog". It is nice to know that my blog is actually read by some locals!

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