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Monday, April 26, 2010

Spectator: You must be joking?

Spectator: You must be joking?

A Human Rights Minister?

Britain’s role in protecting the downtrodden and protecting the weak has significant historical pedigree.

Jack Straw as the Secretary of State for Justice had the legal and moral responsibility for ensuring that human rights were given to all citizens in the UK. However, like Hitler before him who dehumanized the jews to justify the Final Solution, Jack Straw dehumanized convicted prisoners to deny them their human right to vote. That Jack Straw is a Jew makes his conduct all the more reprehensible!

A Human Rights Act which the UK ignores when it is politically convenient, to get a Human Rights Minister?

Isn't the Spectator forgetting that the UK in the eyes of Europe is a pariah or rogue state?

No wonder Jack Straw knows the price of bananas in this Banana Republic!

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