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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nick Clegg's press team in the slow lane

Nick Clegg's press team in the slow lane

Someone on the ball...

Bob has responded more swiftly than Nick Clegg's press team...

Bob Piper says it is disgraceful.

Notes for editors:

email 14.07 to

Hi Chris

Further to our phone conversation.

In the light of this row

and the Lib Dems response...

And this case by the ECtHR on 8 April 2010

Particularly in relation to paras 28, 34 and 35

Disenfranchisement may only be envisaged for a rather narrowly defined group of offenders serving a lengthy term of imprisonment; there should be a direct link between the facts on which a conviction is based and the sanction of disenfranchisement; and such a measure should preferably be imposed not by operation of a law but by the decision of a judge following judicial proceedings

there must be a link between the offence committed and issues relating to elections and democratic institutions

The essential purpose of these criteria is to establish disenfranchisement as an exception even in the case of convicted prisoners

It is clear from this judgment that the only prisoners who can be disenfranchised are those convicted of offences related to the electoral process. Therefore, do the Lib Dems now intend to amend their previous view that the likes of murderers, rapists and paedophiles should not get the vote?

Best wishes

John Hirst

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