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Monday, April 16, 2012

Exchange of views of National Implementation

Exchange of views of National Implementation

Implementation of the Convention at the national level has been a key theme of the reform process, being reflected in the declarations adopted at Interlaken and Izmir. The draft Brighton Declaration also reiterates States Parties’ collective commitment to fully implement the Convention.

As a further demonstration of this commitment, it is proposed to hold an exchange of views during the Brighton Conference on practical measures to promote better implementation of the Convention. This exchange of views is scheduled to take place on the afternoon of Thursday 19 April.

Participants are encouraged to draw upon their national experience to identify measures that have proved useful in promoting better implementation of the Convention; to identify further steps that might usefully be taken in this regard; and to indicate the considerations that they regard as of particular importance in ensuring the fullest possible implementation of the Convention.

In doing so, participants may wish to consider how the Convention can be implemented more effectively by the different aspects of the State, and in particular the executive, legislature and judiciary. Questions that participants may wish to address include:

What practical steps can national executives take to ensure that officials working for the State are aware of, and act upon, the State’s obligations under the Convention; and how can they ensure that policies and administrative practices reflect those obligations fully?

What role do national parliaments have to play in implementing the Convention at a national level; in particular how can they best ensure that the Convention is fully taken into account in the legislative process; and what role should national parliaments have in overseeing implementation of the Convention by the executive?

How should national courts give effect to the Convention when adjudicating cases before them; what procedures are desirable to enable courts to do this?

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