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Monday, April 02, 2012

Rats in a sack fighting as the ship sinks

Rats in a sack fighting as the ship sinks

Tory MPs round on Cameron and Osborne

Conservative MPs warn the Prime Minister he must make major changes in the way he runs his Government and his party to reconnect with voters and retain public confidence.


The 1922 Committee has not come to terms with the fact that the Tory party did not win a majority at the last general election. Members resent the fact that some jobs for the boys have gone to the LibDems. When I hear the constant whine from the 1922 Committee members I am reminded of Yosser Hughes saying "gizza job I can do that".

Whilst David Cameron is talking about everything will be alright if the Tories win a majority at the next general election, meanwhile Ed Miliband is talking about this being a one term Parliament for the Tories...

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