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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A "bloodbath" in my kitchen

A "bloodbath" in my kitchen

This afternoon I went out picking blackberries. As I did yesterday afternoon. They have been late this year. I needed a stepladder to gather those too high or too far away to reach with my feet on the ground. Mr Bean-like I fell off the stepladder. I was more bothered about tipping my 2kg tub over than injuring myself. As it happened there was only a scrape on my left palm when I broke my fall.

As I poured out the boiling liquid into jars I remembered I had forgotten I needed a funnel. The kitchen surface looked like "blood and guts" from a scene in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Weather permitting I will be picking agaiomorrow.


CherryPie said...

This reminds me of when I tripped up some uneven steps a couple of months ago. I was more worried about damaging my camera!!

I do have a natural instinct to fall in the safest way...

But a few weeks down the line, the knee that took the blow of the fall started giving me gyp. It still hasn't fully recoverd.

Eileen said...

Do be careful today, reminder: no stepladder and use funnel!

Pant and Wag said...

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Mollie@Kitchen Accessories said...

Accident is unexpected, always keep safe so it will not ruin your day.