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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Life and death

Life and death

On Monday I phoned my contact's mobile, to get some cheap tobacco and resin, but it went to voicemail. As a result I had to buy my tobacco from the shop and some green from another source. The tobacco cost twice as much and the green weighs half as much as the resin for the same £20 outlay.

Wednesday morning I tried to call again but still on voicemail. Later that day my contact phoned to say that he was in a bad way, he said he had lost his son, and that he would not be about until Saturday. It meant more expense in the meantime.

This morning my contact called at 8.45 and he said he would be at my place about 10. Business concluded, I asked what happened. He replied a drug overdose. He added that he never expected to be burying his son. Although he said his son was always trying to get higher and higher...

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prisonerben said...

It's a fucked up world...