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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dead Man Walking?

Dead Man Walking?

I wasn't worried until I sat on the bus and it started moving towards Castle Hill hospital. Then I did get a bit concerned. I put it out of my mind. Then I saw a funeral cortege as the bus pulled off Newland Avenue onto Cottingham Road. Not long after we passed Cottingham Cemetary. As I sat in the hospital waiting room I saw a sign reading Way Out...

I was called for my blood pressure to be tested, and weighed upon my appointment time. But, then I was kept waiting 45 minutes to see the consultant. I didn't actually get to see the consultant but instead a nice young woman assistant. She said that she was worried, very worried about my X-ray. I asked to see it, but first she wanted to ask me some questions. She said I drank too much. I replied only since I retired. I was given a medical examination. But for the shadow on my lung she said I was very healthy young man. I replied I am almost 62! She said we needed to get me healthy again by tackling the shadow on my lung.

Next week I have to have a CT Scan. And 2 days later see the consultant. There was talk about other tests and a biopsy was mentioned. External and internal examination of the shadow on my lung.

I saw the X-ray, and the assistant pointed out the shadow causing concern. It reminded me of a still from Adam Westbrook's video interview he did with me, where he captured the smoke from my fag. The shadow is in the lower third of my right lung, it appeared to take up the whole of the lower third. She said whilst it looks like cancer, it might be something else hence the need for more tests.

I think we both did not hold out much hope it would be something else. She agreed that if it is cancer then it is quite advanced.


Oleuanna said...

Shit happens....

IanPJ said...

Not something I would even wish upon my worst enemy.

Having said that, you have not had the final results yet, so don't give in yet.

Thoughts with you.

Eileen said...

It might be something else...hold that thought.
Take care.

Tim said...

The assistant seems like a really nice lady. I'm still hoping it's something else, you've just had a nasty infection.