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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teenage prisoner found hanging in cell

Teenage prisoner found hanging in cell

Jake Hardy, 17, dies in hospital after he is found hanging during six-month sentence for affray and common assault

Jake Hardy was thought to be the subject of open suicide and self-harm document at Hindley young offenders' institution. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

A 17-year-old prisoner has died after being found hanging in his cell, the Prison Service says.

Jake Hardy, who was serving six months' detention for affray and common assault, was found at Hindley young offenders' institution in Wigan on Friday and taken to hospital, where he died on Tuesday morning.

It is understood he was the subject of an open suicide and self-harm document.

A prison service spokeswoman said: "HMYOI Hindley prisoner Jake Hardy was found hanging in his cell at approximately 11.45pm on Friday 20 January.

"Staff attempted resuscitation, paramedics attended and he was taken to outside hospital but was pronounced dead at 8.05am on Tuesday 24 January.

"As with all deaths in custody, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) will conduct an investigation."

A PPO spokesman said: "The investigation will identify lessons to be learned to prevent similar deaths of young people.

"If failings are found, recommendations for improvements are made.

"The investigation will also assist HM coroner leading up to the inquest."

He went on: "The PPO will involve Jake Hardy's family in the investigation if they wish to be involved.

"The investigation will try to provide answers to family and friends about what happened."


Why was such a vulnerable person in prison? Tragedy!

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Anonymous said...

Hindley prison is a shame on the UK. The largest prison for under 18s in the whole of Europe and run mainly along HM Prison lines rather than regimes more suitable to vulnerable youngsters.

It is horribly tragic but a sad inevitability of warehousing young people in this way. The education provided at often doesn't even reach it's paltry base level (they only have to provide 15 hours of education a week - this compares to 25 for secure training centres and the full school week for secure children's homes).

Hindley makes Borstal look progressive.