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Saturday, June 30, 2012

George Osborne sending out the wrong signals!

George Osborne sending out the wrong signals!

The Coalition government which has failed to collect the £6bn in tax which Vodafone owes, has decided to give Vodafone £180m of taxpayers money to set up a new mobile phone network which will interfere with Freeview TV signals. The Coalition government and Vodafone then expect all those householders who are affected by the interference caused by Vodafone to pay £212 to stop the interference.

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British phone users will be able to enjoy a new ultra-fast '4G' network far sooner than thought. Carriers Vodafone and O2 will fast-track the service after banding together to launch the hi-tech network, which offers download speeds akin to the ones on home broadband connections.

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Vodafone faces tax payment row Telecoms company paid zero corporation tax in the UK this year, despite handing more than £2.3bn to other countries

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Millions will have to pay to get Freeview TV New 4G mobile phone network will leave people facing £200 bills to cut out interference

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