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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Human rights round up

Human rights round up

If the PM caves in to the European Court of Human Rights' six-month deadline for the UK to grant votes for prisoners, it will be just in time for convicts to vote in the November 15 elections for local police chiefs. Which means candidates could tour jails to canvass for votes. Of course Cameron will do a U Turn.

Given that it is obvious that the right to family life under the ECHR is not absolute, it is obvious that Theresa May is up to no good seeking a declaration to this effect. It would appear that she is seeking to prohibit anyone from claiming a right to family life under the ECHR. It would appear that she is attempting to usurp the independence of the Judiciary by telling judges to ignore the ECHR in favour of Home Office guidelines on the subject. Home secretary says legislation could be passed if judges ignore Commons motion declaring that right to family life is not absolute. The HoC motion is not binding upon the Judiciary. The threat of legislation is a bluff. The Judiciary should call her bluff. The only way that the UK can legally ignore the ECHR is to withdraw from the Council of Europe.

 60% of Telegraph readers support the torture regime in Guantanamo Bay.

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