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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Julian Assange: Is political asylum in Ecuador a sensible choice?

Julian Assange: Is political asylum in Ecuador a sensible choice?

Human Rights in Ecuador 

Corruption, inefficiency, and political influence have plagued the Ecuadorian judiciary for many years. In a referendum held in 2011, President Rafael Correa obtained a popular mandate for constitutional reforms that could significantly increase government powers to constrain media and influence the appointment and dismissal of judges. 

Ecuador’s laws restrict freedom of expression, and government officials, including Correa, use these laws against his critics. Those involved in protests marred by violence may be prosecuted on inflated and inappropriate ‘terrorism’ charges. 

Impunity for police abuses is widespread and perpetrators of murders often attributed to a “settling of accounts” between criminal gangs are rarely prosecuted and convicted.

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bamboo investment said...

If you're Assange, North Korea is better than jail!

Actually, I have a friend who is living there. In terms of where people go to live in South America, Ecuador is much less expensive than either Uruguay or Brazil. Residency/passport requirements are simple in Ecuador, and not costly.
They live in a city called Cuenca, which is temperate and no rain.
The health system is superb with 7 hospitals in Cuenca and most docs were educated in the US--it is amazingly affordable. Everything here costs 1/4 to 1/5 what it costs in Europe.