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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Prisoners' right to vote

Prisoners' right to vote Prisoners' right to vote Comment: It is unclear why Gladkov v. Russia (no. 15162/05) has taken the ECtHR so long to list it for a hearing given that it involves a blanket ban on voting as was the case with Hirst No2. It is also unclear why and upon what authority the ECtHR gave the UK a delay in complying with Greens until 6 months after Scoppola was decided. Given that Greens is a pilot judgment procedure to highlight the UK's systemic failure in not complying with Hirst No2, and lay down what is required to comply and to set a 6 month time limit on compliance, it beggars belief that the ECtHR extended the time limit in the UK's favour. The UK's submissions in Scoppola were rejected by the ECtHR, therefore the extended time limit cannot be justified. It has been claimed that the extension also applied to Hirst No2. However, the UK has already had over 6 years extended time to comply with Hirst No2. When does justice delayed is justice denied kick in? It appears that the ECtHR is sacrificing human rights, democracy and rule of law to appease the human rights violating States of Russia and the UK.

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