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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Patrick O'Flynn: Joined up writing does not a journalist make

Patrick O'Flynn: Joined up writing does not a journalist make

Patrick O'Flynn is a journalist working for Pornographer-in-Chief Dirty Desmond's Daily Express. He has self appointed himself as "Speaking up for Britain". In reality he speaks only for himself, and Dirty Desmond (who is paying O'Flynn to pipe up). Dirty money for doing a dirty job.

Patrick O'Flynn

Today Patrick O'Flynn makes this tough sounding but unintelligent statement "LONGER JAIL TERMS ARE THE BEST WAY TO CUT REOFFENDING".

I don't suppose the first time offender expected to receive a 6 months prison sentence for disrupting the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race. This excessive sentence will cost the taxpayers £20,000. Patrick O'Flynn thinks the public should be made to pay £40,000 instead! There is nothing to suggest that the self publicist/protestor will reoffend. All Michael Howard's failed "prison works" policy did was double the prison populaton at double the cost to the taxpayers.

Success is not measured by how many but instead how few are in prison. The more in prison the more crimes are committed. A higher reoffending rate only serves to prove that warehousing is no match for rehabilitation.

Patrick O'Flynn stupidly confuses the unpaid voluntary sector with the paid by results private sector who are Cameron's friends.

Keeping more in prison for longer only benefits the private sector with more profits.

Perhaps Patrick O'Flynn's liquid lunches are paid for by the likes of GLS?

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