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Thursday, April 24, 2008

McCanns: Wake up and smell the coffee

McCanns: Wake up and smell the coffee

Here we go again. Yesterday the media advertised a forthcoming documentary made by ITV of the suspected child killers Gerry and Kate McCann as they employ a smokescreen for a Europe-wide Amber Alert. And today the media is advertising a Radio 4 programme which features Rachel Oldfield (one of the Tapas Bar 9).

I don't suppose I am alone in thinking that the Tapas Bar 9, along with Clarence Mitchell, should be lined up against a wall and shot. Rachael Oldfield is claiming to be outraged at what she calls the hypocrisy of the Portuguese police. Personally, I have every sympathy with the Portuguese police having to put up with the McCanns tactics to evade justice over the disappearance of Madeleine. It is nonsense for her to claim that the Tapas Bar 9 have had to suffer in silence for a year. Rather, it is us who have had to suffer the McCanns version of events in the media either directly, or through Clarence Mitchell. It is a bit rich coming from Clarence Mitchell that he accuses the Portuguese police of trying to influence the headlines. From day one this is precisely what the McCanns have sought to do. I agree with the Portuguese police who state that Clarence Mitchell is evil.

The Daily Telegraph quotes Rachel Oldfield as saying: "I was there on the night - it was agonising. There was just no way that they were involved in anything to do with Madeleine’s disappearance. Anyone with an ounce of common sense really would be able to see that they couldn’t have done it".

The problems with her analysis are that Madeleine disappeared before the McCanns met her in the Tapas Bar, and common sense dictates that the McCanns are involved in Madeleine's disappearance.

Why won't the FBI have anything to do with the McCanns and their campaign? Come on McCanns, wake up and smell the coffee. You haven't managed to pull the wool over their eyes have you?

UPDATE: Listen to the Radio 4 programme Searching for Madeleine here.


Anonymous said...

The thing here is that if my wife and I decided to go out one night and leave out house unlocked with no babysitter and the kids left to their own devices, would I feel right if anything happened? Could I argue that it was not our fault if anything happened? When we go out (rarely) we always get an adult friend to come over and make sure that the youngsters don't get up to monkey business, and OUR oldest is 16. To leave babies alone like the McScamms did is unthinkable. How dare they try to dodge responsibility!

Kimberly said...

Their behavior after the fact is the same type of gaurded behavior exhibited by the Ramseys when Jon Benet' was murdered. (Well, Patsy anyway)......
Where are all of the McCanns' efforts being spent? In proving their innocence rather than.....Say,...
Going stark raving mad!!
leaving no avenue untraveled!!
No stone unturned!!
and no person unharrassed!! until they found their child, Accusations and Hearsay be damned.......Look at Natalie Holloways' mother!....That is how a mother behaves that has lost a child. She stops at nothing....

Nunyaa said...

I guess all people react in different ways, look at Lindy Chamberlain, imprisoned for the murder of her daughter and then pardoned years later. The public was divided and many said it was her public demeanour that said she was guilty and a dingo did not take Azaria. Juries do not always get it right. The McCanns did the wrong thing by leaving their children unattended, don't say they killed Madeline but there is something not strictly correct here. In Australia one would not get off so easy leaving kids alone.