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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fourth Reich Minister for Propaganda Rupert Murdoch pours bile out

Fourth Reich Minister for Propaganda Rupert Murdoch pours bile out

Human rights law costs £9bn a year


Published: Today

THE hated European human rights act is costing the UK more than £9BILLION a year, experts said last night.

The law is used by celebs to hide their secrets behind superinjunctions and lets prisoners fight barmy causes in court.

Compensation claims created by the act - the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) - cost £7.1billion a year, while £2.1billion is paid out to ensure we follow the often ridiculous rules set down by Eurocrats.

Greedy lawyers are raking in another £250million a year to pursue human rights cases.

ECHR expert Dr Lee Rotherham, who calculated the enormous sums, said: "The cash we pay out is like a mountain. It's monstrous. Those most to blame are the ones who abuse the courts to pursue their particular agenda."


Dr Rotherham said the ECHR has cost us £42billion since it came into force in 1953. But there has been a sharp increase in the past five years.

There are now at least 2,000 human rights lawyers in the UK. Big earners include the firms Chivers Solicitors and Leigh Day who represent UK prisoners demanding the right to vote. One legal source said: "There are some companies who have made millions."

We reported yesterday how many experts believe the ECHR should be axed to stop stars using Section 8 - which promises a right to privacy - to get their superinjunctions.

Dr Rotherham said: "Celebrities' lawyers are exploiting the act."

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Time to bin the gag laws


Published: 25 Apr 2011

BARMY European human rights laws must be axed to stop stars using superinjunctions to hide sordid secrets, say experts.

Member of the Fourth Reich Dr Lee Rotherham

Celebs are increasingly using the legal gags to keep flings under wraps.

Their lawyers quote Section 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) - which promises a right to privacy - when applying for them.

MPs, legal and media experts last night called for an end to the "abuse" of the system.

ECHR expert Dr Lee Rotherham said: "Celebrities' lawyers are exploiting the act for their clients' own ends.

"As long as our position with the ECHR remains, judges are basically being forced into a position where they have to pay attention to it."

Tory MP Dominic Raab called for a British Bill of Rights to protect free speech "instead of importing the continental European model by the back door through the Human Rights Act".

And Lib Dem MP John Hemming said: "It is ridiculous that you can be sued for gossiping when it's true."

PR guru Max Clifford said gagging orders protect "rich men" but "out" the woman he is having an affair with.

We revealed how a famous married actor won an injunction banning exposure of his romps with Wayne Rooney hooker Helen Wood.

Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger began a review of gagging orders last year - but chances of a change look bleak. A legal source said his committee would not scrap superinjunctions.

1 comment:

Tim said...

"THE hated European human rights act...."

But I don't hate it, I love it. It could do with strengthening, though, especially in the enforcement area.

I don't like the Sun because they like to stir up hatred against disabled people - they could do with a big gag too.

In the photograph, Mr Rotherham looks very much like Heinrich Himmmler.