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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nearly 50 high-risk offenders on the run

Nearly 50 high-risk offenders on the run

By Wesley Johnson, PA

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nearly 50 dangerous fugitives, including killers and child sex offenders, are on the run and cannot be named by officials.

The 47 high or very high-risk offenders are among almost 1,000 prisoners who have had their licences revoked and been recalled to jail, but have not returned, Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures showed.

But officials refused to name them, citing operational reasons and data protection rules, and adding that it was for individual forces to decide whether to identify the wanted criminals.

The figures, released to The Sun following a request under freedom of information laws, show the dangerous offenders include two murderers, two child sex offenders, a rapist and 10 robbers.

An MoJ spokeswoman said: "We are reviewing the policy on releasing details of offenders at large.

"This Government is committed to transparency and there should be a presumption that such information is published unless the police object for specific operational reasons. Recapturing high- risk offenders will always be a priority."

Comment: I only counted 15 so-called dangerous offenders on the run. I suppose it does not make such a good headline.


James Higham said...

Depends where the 15 are, does it not?

IBB Solicitors said...

Having 50 dangerous fugitives on the run with 47 of these being high-risk offenders is very worrying. I don't understand how these offenders can slip through the net.