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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ryan Giggs obtains gagging order over affair with Imogen Thomas

Ryan Giggs obtains gagging order over affair with Imogen Thomas

Ryan Giggs

Stacey Cooke/Giggs

Imogen Thomas

UPDATE: Latest hyper-injunction

Latest news for 16 May 2011 here.

Latest news for 22 May Ryan Giggs named in Scottish press.


Anonymous said...

if u are to write an article about someone at least talk about the right persons! the photo u posted is rebecca ferdinand not stacey giggs (who by the way is way hotter)

China Holidays said...

I think its appalling that people are even bothered about what Ryan Giggs has been up to.

Privacy seems to mean nothing these days

Anonymous said...

Apparently ..Thomas has said she didn't know he was married .... Has she never heard of Wiki? LOL

jailhouselawyer said...

Ryan Giggs knows he is married and not to Imogen Thomas!

Keefy said...

Just goes to show you that if you have money you can attempt to gag the press. Due to twitter and the internet these type of injunctions will attract high pressure snooping and eventually the public are informed. It is his wife, kids, family and Imogen Thomas I feel sorry for. If it is true then he has only himself to blame and all the money in the world will not buy back the trust and love this has cost him.

Anonymous said...

Lucky cunt isn't he. He's prob got more on the go. To be a footballer

Anonymous said...

If giggs has done this it is wrong, but it must be Imogen Thomas who told someone this story and it has spread. She has purely done it for money. If giggs did this why wuld he tell anyone his reputation will go, so it must have been Imogen, unless someone caught them