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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pictures of the day: 13 April 2011

Pictures of the day: 13 April 2011

This inquisitive dog was left stunned when a playful young seal gave him a friendly slap on the cheek after he bounded into the sea during a game of fetch. The seal patted the boxer on the face during the encounter after he chased a tennis ball that had been thrown into the ocean by his owner. The young dog found the baby seal with its head poking out the water and instead of retrieving his ball, he circled his intriguing discovery. Lynne Morris took the pics while going for a stroll along the beach in Fife, Scotland. Picture: Lynne Morris/solent

A bolt of lightning slams into the ground, just missing a tree. The picture was taken by Przemyslaw Wielicki, who spent 15 minutes snapping a storm in Poland. He said: "When I saw this picture on my computer, to my big surprise, I discovered that I recorded a rare phenomenon - ribbon lightning. Ribbon lightning, also called staccato lightning, occurs when the bolt consists of several parallel strokes giving the visual impression of a ribbon. This one has ten distinct strokes. Five of them are easily visible and the rest require very close examination." Picture: Przemyslaw Wielicki / National News and Pictures

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