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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hypocrisy of Kate McCann accusing police of cover up!

Hypocrisy of Kate McCann accusing police of cover up!

Childkiller Kate McCann

Following Madeleine McCann's death in Apartment 5A, Kate and Gerry McCann staged a cover up which involved a fake break-in and a phantom abductor.

They are still covering up even now by Kate McCann profitting from her crime by writing a work of fiction in which she blames everybody else but herself and her husband for what happened.

We know for a fact that on the night the McCanns did not search for Madeleine because they knew exactly what had happened to her and that going through the motions was a waste of time. "Mrs McCann tells of how she frantically searched for the child on discovering Madeleine was no longer asleep in her bed".

"In Madeleine, Mrs McCann tells of the couple's guilt at leaving Madeleine and their twins Sean and Amelie unattended in their apartment while they ate supper with friends about 100 yards away". As Madeleine was already dead when they went out on their binge session, they only left the live twins unattended.


Anonymous said...

You write your first sentence here as a bald statement of fact. How do you know it to be a fact, or is it just yet another example of the conjecture that has dogged this case from the start?

James Higham said...

There is something very, very wrong with these two, particularly her.