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Saturday, May 14, 2011

PrisonerBen has trouble at t' mill!

PrisonerBen has trouble at t' mill!

A little birdie tells me that PrisonerBen has been charged with the unauthorised possession of a mobile phone found in his laptop.

The Coalition has recently introduced a criminal offence for possession of a mobile phone by a prisoner, with a penalty of upto 2 years imprisonment.

Of course simple possession of the mobile phone is insufficient for a guilty verdict, the charge also requires knowledge of the possession. For example, Ben's property was waiting to be collected to be X-Rayed before transfer, and may well not have been aware if another prisoner had inserted the mobile phone in the word processor in Ben's cell in his absence.

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Ally said...

This makes a lot of sense. If you look back on Ben's blog and in particular the entry posted on Saturday, April 9, 2011 the entry reads:

"Having yet another lunchtime interrupted by a raid by Security in their perpetual hunt for a mobile phone that I don't possess is something I'm getting used to.

This time, though, I have solid information that this move wasn't prompted by an annoyed manager, but rather it led from "information received" from one of my fellow cons. In plain terms, I've been told that someone is out to do me in."

Why, one must ask, would they suddenly find it as he is about to be moved to a Cat D establishment when it would appear that they have been hunting for it for quite some time?

Of course, Ben could always be guilty and he is getting his excuses in early (knowing he would eventually be found out), but that would not make all that much sense given what we can gleam about Ben's character from what is written by him and then published by the Editor of his blog. I certainly favour a more sinister explanation involving another con, prison staff or both.