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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jailhouselawyer nails Ken Clarke on prisoners votes

Jailhouselawyer nails Ken Clarke on prisoners votes

Victoria Derbyshire: Very quick last call, it's John in Hull, he is the man who started the campaign to get prisoners the right to vote. John, good morning.

John Hirst: Good morning.

Victoria Derbyshire: Very quick question to Ken Clarke.

John Hirst: Err. When do you intend to give all convicted prisoners the vote? I mean it's been over 6 years since the case was won over there. And on Thursday you are going on Question Time with the man, Jack Straw, who didn't do anything for 5 years and you have done anything for a year, when do you intend doing something?

Ken Clarke: Whe're never going to give every convicted criminal the vote. And there's no judgment that requires us to do so. We're still considering to what extent we will give prisoners who have committed minor offences the vote, but we're going to have to reflect on that because of the the the reaction to the human rights case and the debate we had in Parliament. The Government is still considering what to do and if anything in response to it. But if you committed the rather dreadful crime you committed before you would not get the vote, I'd be flatly against you getting the vote. Now you are out you can vote. And, I hope you vote responsibly, and vote for a tough and effective policy to crime and you support my views on reoffending and I hope you don't offend again".

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