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Saturday, July 30, 2011



On Thursday afternoon as I was passing a carpet shop on Newland Avenue I saw a beige off cut measuring 12ft x 3ft priced at £12. I thought it would be alright to lay it between the fireplace and sofa in the lounge. The carpet shop offered to deliver it free at teatime. Upon delivery I duly laid it down in the lounge.

Then last night as I sat on the sofa smoking my dope and drinking whisky and coke, I thought that the beige carpet would be more suited in the hallway.

Rolled up in the hallway was the old carpet next door had given me about 2 years ago rather than cart it off to the dump. I just never got around to laying it down in the lounge. Also, I didn't fancy unrolling it to find out what state it was in.

As it transpires the blue, red and cream patterned carpet once it had been vacuumed looks ok and I cannot help wondering why next door would get rid of a perfectly good carpet.

In any event, today I have to finnish the job and cut down the carpet to fit properly in the lounge.

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