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Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's nearly that time of year again

It's nearly that time of year again

A couple of days ago as I was talking with one of my dope dealers on his doorstep, I noticed a small cluster of ripened blackberries on a bramble by his door. I mentioned that I would have to take a walk down the Drain to my favourite bramble patch to see if there are enough blackberries to make some jam.

This morning I took Rocky for a walk down the Drain. As I passed the industrial place on Sculcoates Lane, I noticed that a favourite bramble had been cutback. At the garage by the Drain a mechanic came out and asked if I was going to pick any again this year. I told him I intended to do so. He said he had had a look and that they were coming along well. Because I pick some off the garage owned land I give them a couple of jars of jam.

There were some ripe sweet ones and a few not so sweet. Nevertheless I reckoned there was enough to enjoy some with cream or ice cream, and enough to make a first batch of jam.

This afternoon I will once again brave the scratches from the brambles. A small sacrifice to pay for so much pleasure.

UPDATE: I did not go blackberry picking yesterday afternoon. Instead I went this morning. However, upon closer inspection I believe that another week or two will produce better results. Nevertheless I picked enough for a blackberry pie.


Darby said...

'who preserves the preserves'

jailhouselawyer said...

Darby: More like who perseveres preserves :-)

Jim Miller said...

Who Brambles the Bramblers?

No, that don't quite work.
Anyway it's hardcore blackberry time here in Herefordshire.
Cannot BELIEVE you make jam out of them, what's wrong with tipping them straight down yr neck?? Food of the Gods.

jailhouselawyer said...

Jim: I do like eating blackberries it requires discipline not to gorge them at the time of picking otherwise the containers would come back empty.

I make a very good jam, solid and not runny, and manage to keep most of the fruit whole in the jar.

I also make pies either with blackberries alone or with apples.

This year I fancy having a go at winemaking and blackberry whisky.