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Friday, July 15, 2011



By Patrick O'Flynn, Daily Express, Friday July 15,2011

THE European political elite is rattled because it is being challenged as it has never been challenged before.

Since the Daily Express began its crusade for a referendum on getting Britain out of the EU, we have documented Brussels’ encroachment into many aspects of our public life.

Our coverage of its interference in foreign policy, immigration, social security, jobs, and law and order has thrown Eurocrats on to the defensive.

We have also exposed the huge waste and fraud of EU spending and the actions of the European Court of Human Rights, particularly its bid to force Britain to give the vote to all convicted prisoners. In response, almost 400,000 Daily Express readers have filled out our crusade coupons.

The climate of opinion about the EU has already shifted, leading David Cameron to pledge to try to bring powers home from Brussels.

A crunch point is now looming with experts predicting that the struggling eurozone will either have to move to full political union within months or allow several members to leave and restore their own currencies.

Huge demonstrations in Greece, Spain and Portugal show that the anti-EU message is spreading fast.

In Britain, Sir Stephen Wall, the ex- civil servant who masterminded Tony Blair’s plan to take Britain to the heart of Europe, has admitted that the EU “is on the way out”. The Economist magazine has conceded there is a “non-trivial chance” of Britain leaving the EU. And at least two Cabinet ministers, as well as the Prime Minister’s key adviser Steve Hilton, are said to favour British withdrawal.

As Britain is asked to contribute to bailing-out the stricken eurozone, opinion polls show that more people support the idea of leaving the EU than ever before. Two-thirds of Tory voters now say they want out.


jpblaw said...

they do have gorgeous offices though, don't they...

white rabbit said...

Consider the possibility that theer may be manipulation going on here. The Murdoch press - and the Mail Express groups hate the EU, It is not helpful to Murdoch's aspirations to monopoly control of media, So a torrent of abuse is aimed at it - actually successful in shifting public opinion by the endless dripfeed of negative stuff.