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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Jonathan Sumption is a Qualified Cunt!

Jonathan Sumption is a Qualified Cunt!

"There is no reason why the protection of convention rights should necessarily require the same measures in a country like the United Kingdom, which has for many years enjoyed a strong tradition of public service, a high degree of participation in public life, functioning democratic institutions and an independent judiciary, as they do in countries like, say, Romania, Russia or Turkey," the QC said.

Jonathan Sumption is presently earning millions of pounds representing a Russian gangster.

For the record, the minimum human rights listed under the European Convention are meant to be guaranteed by Member States including Romania, Russia, Turkey and the UK. For Jonathan Sumption to claim that the UK should not be required to honour its international law obligations is totally unacceptable for a UKSC judge. Perhaps, how and why he was appointed in the first place needs to be investigated? The last thing the UKSC needs is a corrupt judge!

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