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Thursday, November 17, 2011

War and peace in the new bathroom

War and peace in the new bathroom

I have workmen in to do my new bathroom in Rocky's old bedroom at the top of the stairs. The old bathroom is falling down as subsidence has undermined the foundations and large cracks appeared in the walls and ceiling.

I outlined my ideas to the landlord. Double glazing and pvc window. The workmen had intended leaving the old window in place, and putting the bath in a different place than I had envisaged under the window. They said the bath won't go under the window. I stated that the window needs replacing, then the bath can go under the window. They said that the landlord will not allow double glazing or pvc. I was told all the windows are like mine. I am not stupid or blind, I have seen all the houses in my street and the next one being upgraded and pvc double glazing installed. A blazing row ensued. One of the workmen went out to phone the landlord. I decided I would call the landlord. I was told he was busy. The workman returned and said the window would be replaced with pvc and double glazing. Then I was asked where I would like the bath installed. It's going under the window and including a shower unit. Then the sink and toilet are going in along the wall at right angle to the taps on the bath.

Peace reigned and we all had a cup of tea...


Anonymous said...

Where's Rocky going to sleep now?

jailhouselawyer said...

He starts off sleeping on the couch downstairs then when I am asleep he sneaks onto my bed.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Way to go Rocky!