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Friday, May 04, 2012

'Forgotten' US inmate who had to drink own urine files $20m compensation claim

'Forgotten' US inmate who had to drink own urine files $20m compensation claim

A California university student left handcuffed in a federal holding cell for nearly five days without food or water has filed a claim for up to $20 million in compensation, saying he suffered kidney failure and nearly died as a result.


Lloyd Green Solicitors said...

Granted this seems an unpleasant experience to say the least if true but how can $20 million be in any way proportionate ? There is enough controversy in the Uk over damages claims, but at least in the UK damages are related to loss and compensation is actually very low.

Why is there no proportionality in the States ?

Anonymous said...

I'd agree the amount seems excessive. That said, I'd point out that the amount of people held in California's penal system is also excessive. In this, the US Supreme Court is in agreement with me as it has ordered California to reduce its prison population by 25% within three years (makes Ken Clark's proposals look minor by comparison).

Also, if he really was without food/water for that long, the potential damage was serious - it was an absolute dereliction of duty and the damages inflicted on the State of California should be punitive. Indeed, with less money, it should have less means to lock people up and a better chance of meeting its obligation to the US Supreme Court.