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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Theresa May takes a leaf out of Abu Qatada's book!

Theresa May takes a leaf out of Abu Qatada's book!

Remember all the big fuss Theresa May made when she decided not to appeal to the Grand Chamber in the Abu Qatada case? Perhaps, she thought it would be easier to deport him without going down this avenue. In any event, Abu Qatada's lawyer's decided that they would launch an appeal to the Grand Chamber. This move upset Theresa May who had thought she had secured a victory and she screamed "foul!". She ranted and raved claiming that Abu Qatada launched his appeal out of time. His lawyers, supported by the Court, state that the appeal was launched within the time limit.

Following the revelations at the Leveson Inquiry which led to calls for Jeremy Hunt to resign, David Cameron, the Prime Minister; George Osborne, the Chancellor; Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister; Vince Cable, the Business Secretary; Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary; Michael Gove, the Education Secretary; Kenneth Clarke, the Justice Secretary and Theresa May, the Home Secretary all decided that they wanted to see other witnesses written statements beforehand. As core participants they are entitled to this privilege. However,"a deadline for witnesses to apply for core participant status for the next part of the inquiry expired more than a month ago"!

Incredibly, the judge allowed this way out of time appeal. There is a stink of hypocrisy coming from Theresa May who was alleging that Abu Qatada was a day late with his appeal application, but she is happy for herself to launch a month late appeal!

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