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Friday, May 22, 2009

Why did the McCanns tell the PJ a lie about a fake break-in to Apartment 5A?

Why did the McCanns tell the PJ a lie about a fake break-in to Apartment 5A?

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the following headline: "Madeleine McCann: British paedophile Raymond Hewlett is 'significant new suspect'". And, the sub-heading "Raymond Hewlett, a convicted British paedophile responsible for a number of sex attacks in the last 40 years, is being investigated in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, it has emerged".

I note that the claim 'significant new suspect' is in inverted commas, to protect the newspaper from libel.

According to the Daily Mirror Leicestershire Police have stated "It remains a Portuguese investigation".

And, the Portuguese have not announced any new suspect in the McCann case, let alone one that is described as significant. In fact, the Portuguese authorities have announced that they have closed the case into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Therefore, there is no official investigation continuing. So, what on earth can the Daily Telegraph be going on about? If there is no official investigation, it follows that that there is no new suspect significant or otherwise.

The Independent reports: New lead in hunt for Madeleine McCanns' spokesman says British paedophile is 'of interest' to investigation

Now it is becoming clear. Clarence Mitchell, who is the McCanns spokesman, claims that Raymond Hewlett is a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine. And that two retired detectives, employed by the McCanns as private investigators to discover the whereabouts of Madeleine, are interested in questioning Raymond Hewlett. According to the Daily Telegraph "He has been on the run since Madeleine's disappearance". I hope that the Daily Telegraph is going to produce the evidence for this assertion?

According to the Daily Mirror, Raymond Hewitt is not on the run at all. Rather, he is laid up in a hospital bed with cancer.

So, two ex-coppers wish to speak to a dying man because he is reported to have been 30 [later reports state 60] miles away from the scene of the crime?

What kind of shoddy investigation is this?

Why are Dave Edgar, and Arthur Cowley, the two ex-plods, not investigating two people who were not 30 [later reports state 60] miles away from the scene of the crime, but were actually there at the scene of the crime at the relevant time?

What good is an investigation which excludes the two most likely suspects, Gerry and Kate McCann?

Instead of these bungling Inspector Clouseaus going on a wild goose chase, and the Mainstream Media following them like lemmings jumping over a cliff, why don't they concentrate on getting an answer to the following pertinent question? That is: Why did the McCanns tell the PJ a lie about a fake break-in to Apartment 5A?

Until the McCanns answer that question they must remain the prime suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann!

Why is the Mainstream Media not asking this question, and why are the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell not answering the question?

UPDATE: New McCann suspect 'was questioned by police but had an alibi'

The two people who do not have an alibi are Gerry and Kate McCann. Can we now return to my question and get the McCanns and/or Clarence Mitchell to provide an answer?

UPDATED UPDATE: Madeleine McCann police chief found guilty of falsifying evidence

He didn't falsify the fake break-in. The McCanns did.

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Anonymous said...

The McCann's are innocent people being hounded by the likes of you. Just because you are such an evil person doesn't give you the right to judge others. I don't know, nor do I care what you did in the past, but far from being a reformed character, your essential nastiness shines through.