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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear MPs prisoners will vote by hook or by crook!

Dear MPs prisoners will vote by hook or by crook!

Prisoners and Votes by Lisa

I have been following all the news on prisoners votes. I have a partner in prison as you may all know because I contribute quite a lot to your blog. If the Government want to screw over the prisoners votes, then why don't we unite as prisoners families and put the vote in for them? I have never voted in my life before, and those who have a loved one inside who haven't voted before too, should consider doing it? How many extra votes would go in if that was the case? This isn't a long shot, it can be done quite easily. Could I ask Prisoners families Voices if I could promote this via their blog and Facebook page please and urge families to get behind their loved ones regarding this important issue?

I Will Vote For My Husband by Anon (Via Facebook)

Hi. I have just seen your pledge for prisoners families to vote on facebook. I am all up for it. My partner is innocent and currently going through an appeal. So on behalf of him, I will vote and so will his relatives too! I will spread the word at the vistors centre where I go. I have voted a few times in the past but haven't bothered for a good few years. But I am in it this round for sure!

My Prisoner Will Vote by Jackie Lane

I am ashamed to say that I have never voted. But the way I have been treated by the Government for being an innocent family member of a UK prisoner - they can bank on my vote this time. I am not blowing my own trumpet, but where I live, I am very well respected because I live in quite a deprived area and I am known to fight prisoners families corners. Especially children that are bullied because they have a Daddy in prison. I am not saying that they respect my hubby, that would be wrong to say, because he has done wrong and he is in prison at the end of the day. But they respect me for the sheer shit I have had to put up with by being his partner.
therefore, tommorow, I will call on my community and ask them to vote. Most of them have never voted in their lifes, but they will now and I'll even give them a lift to the voting station!
I have been bounced from pillar to post by The Prison Service who have shipped my hubby out God knows how many times. So what I am saying is. To Lisa. I will be spreading the word and you have my word on it. Prisoners families need to make a stand. Whether they think prisoners votes is right or wrong, do it for the sake of yourselves and VOTE! Haven't the British Government pissed families around for long enough now?

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