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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wanker Sajid Javid MP slams votes for cons

Wanker Sajid Javid MP slams votes for cons

Wanker Sajid Javid

MP slams votes for cons

By Rob George, Bromsgrove Standard

17 February. Updated: 17 February 16:12

BROMSGROVE MP Sajid Javid has said 'those who break the law should not play a role in making the law' as the row over the right of prisoners to vote rumbled on.

Mr Javid voted to support a House of Commons motion to defy the European Court of Human Rights which ruled that prisoners in the UK should be eligible to vote in elections.

MPs voted by 234 to 22 – a majority of 212 – last Thursday (February 10) to defy the ruling that the blanket ban on inmates taking part in polls must be overturned.

But Mr Javid told The Standard: "I voted against giving prisoners the right to vote, because there are two very important principles at stake here.

"The first is that Parliament, not foreign courts, makes our country’s laws, and the second is that those who have broken the law should not, in my view, play a role in making the law," he added.

The motion was tabled by senior Tory MP David Davis and was backed by Labour's former home secretary Jack Straw as ministers wrestled with how best to deal with the ruling.

But despite the verdict, hundreds of prisoners have instigated claims for being denied the right to vote and the Government is facing potential compensation bills of more than £100million.

A compromise solution which could see inmates serving less than four years be allowed to vote has been mooted, but the matter is likely to continue to be an issue throughout the spring.

Comment: As we know banking is not a honourable profession, and since the MPs expenses scandal we also know that being a politician is not a honourable profession, therefore it comes as no surprise to learn that Sajid Javid MP has gone from gutter to sewer.

He was wrong to say: "those who break the law should not play a role in making the law". I did, and I have. But, I was punished and paid the price. However, there are still too many MPs who have broken the law in relation to fiddled expenses and have not been punished by the courts and yet are still in a position to make law. Therefore, by his own logic, they shouldn't.

It is hypocritical of Sajid Javid MP to have supported a motion to break the law. That makes him a law breaker.

It beggars belief that the unprincipled Sajid Javid MP claims to have voted on principle. The UK surrendered some sovereignty when we joined the Council of Europe and European Union, therefore it is only right and proper for foreign courts to rule in relation to European law and that the rulings beome part of our national law.

Given that Sajid Javid MP hasn't really got a clue about politics, perhaps he should think about another career move unless his motive is just about abusing public power for private porpose?


Megegg said...

Thanks for highlighting, once again the hypocracy from MP's.

"those who break the law should have no part in making the law". What a load of dribble. They are the ones breaking the law, and have they never stopped to think what the experience from someone who is or has served time would be an enlightening contribution to what is wrong with the law,CJS and most areas of social cohesion?

Anonymous said...

This wanker is spot on actually. I think he means no vote while you are in the slammer. Common sense really.

Anonymous said...

I agree John, I think this wanker is a wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!