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Monday, February 14, 2011

John Hirst on Big Questions 1/2

John Hirst on Big Questions 1/2

John Hirst on Big Questions 2/2


Sophie J said...

Well done John, my nerves were shattered after watching the first one, couldn't watch the second vid just yet.

You are right about prisoner voting rights of course, but doesn't the debate bring out the most absurd and backward thinking about human beings in some quatres?

This world and its rulers are so dumb, its because they are in a minority that they are so vicious, and they have all manner of things like the mass media, the courts, schools etc to pass on and maintain their filthy ideology. An ideology which is as corrupt as it is backward.

The thing that worries me most is how these so and so's are making society much worse by shutting and closing decent organisations that people rely on such as libraries, making schools and universities privately run by companies who know little about education but know lots about exploitation.

Well I could go on and on John, but well done you and I hope this issue can be won and won soon, all the best.

Tim said...

It's on iplayer at the BBC website at the moment so I read the subtitles there. I thought John did a good job, it was much less biased than I thought it would be. Unfortunately some people seem to think that there is a competition between victim's human rights and prisoner's human rights, when in fact both have their place.

jailhouselawyer said...

Sophie J: Thanks. Indeed the issue does bring out the worst in some people.

Tim: Glad you could read the subtitles. I did not fear bias because I was assured beforehand that they would balance the debate. You are right to point out that both sets of rights have their place and that they cannot be set against each other.