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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cameron tells MPs to carry on fiddling expenses!

Cameron tells MPs to carry on fiddling expenses!

Expenses bill to soar as MPs force watchdog to relax rules

MPs will be able to claim millions of pounds more in expenses under reforms to the system to be announced today.

David Cameron had threatened to abolish the new regulator if it did not agree to water down the rules. Photo: AFP

Tory Toff David Cameron has gone back on his word to clean up the expenses scandal, after he was bullied by the 1922 Committee to curb the power of IPSA to allow MPs to carry on fiddling their expenses. Even millionaire MPs will be able to charge the poor taxpayers £50 per week maintainance for each MPs child under the age of 18! MPs family and friends will also be allowed to get paid under the guise of "staffing allowance". MPs who live within commuter distance of London will be allowed to claim for second home allowance, and MPs will be issued with credit cards to pay for things at the taxpayers expense.

All this means that MPs will be able to reclaim back the £18m in savings since IPSA started and cost the taxpayers a lot more besides. In one foul swoop David Cameron has wiped out all independence, openness and transparency to the expenses system and dirtied it all again!

Tories, same old nasty party rides again!

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