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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helen Newlove is a public menace!

Helen Newlove is a public menace!

The crackpot Helen Newlove who's husband, Gary, was murdered when he went to tackle vandals damaging her car, is urging other people to go out and tackle crime! You would have thought she would have learnt her lesson by now! The stupid bitch is only suggesting that everybody becomes a police informant, to spy on each other, like Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, and reward them with vouchers to go shopping! I suppose it didn't help matters David Cameron elevating her to the House of Lords as a baroness just because her husband was murdered!

Story here...

Helen Newlove urges communities to help tackle crime

Communities Champion, LOL!

1 comment:

Mike Stevens said...

Being a Warringtonian, I feel that your comments about Helen Newlove are tasteless, tactless and vulgar. Her husband was murdered by thugs, she has every right to feel bitter. Wouldn't you?

Have a heart please, that is if you've got one.