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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sadiqhead Khan is a hypocrite and a liar!

Sadiqhead Khan is a hypocrite and a liar!

The Shadow Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan, in relation to prisoners votes, is a hypocrite and a liar.

On Tuesday, Mr Khan said the government's policy was "all over the place."

"The indecision we have seen from ministers is now plainly being exploited by prisoners. This was completely foreseeable and avoidable.

"The British public want straight answers from the government about which prisoners they intend to give the vote, under what conditions and according to what legal advice."

Labour introduced the Human Rights Act 1998. The whole purpose being so that people did not have to go all the way over to Strasbourg to establish their human rights. In spite of the HRA not coming into force for 2 years to educate judges and public officials, I still had to go all the way over to Strasbourg to establish that convicted prisoners are entitled to the human right to vote.

In 2004 Hirst v UK (No2) was decided by the Chamber in Strasbourg and the UK lost its case. The UK then appealed to the Grand Chamber and in 2005 lost its appeal. Since then Labour did not have a policy to amend legislation to give convicted prisoners the vote. All Labour did do was employ indecision. It was foreseeable and avoidable that prisoners would eventually claim compensation for having their human rights abused. Therefore, it is more than a bit rich for Sadiq Khan to criticise the Coalition for doing exactly the same as when Labour was in power.

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