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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here's one for your diary next week...

Here's one for your diary next week...

Wed April 6 @ 9pm

Series 1 | Episode 6 | Jamie's Dream School

As school term draws to a close the pressure is on to get the teenagers back into education and attention turns to the hardest-to-reach kids.

In a last-ditch effort, Jamie tries three very different approaches. First, formidable dinner lady Nora Sands, of School Dinners fame, is appalled by their lack of punctuality and messiness, and tells Jamie she thinks some are spoilt.

Next, explorer David Hempleman-Adams leads an expedition up Snowdon in Wales. The experience is a revelation to a bunch of mostly urban youngsters who often find climbing out of bed in the morning a challenge.

And Human Rights lawyer Cherie Blair brings a reformed killer into class, giving Angelique a chance to take charge. She brings order to a lively debate on the rights of prisoners, but can she keep her own moods under control?

Meanwhile Jamie and headmaster John challenge the students to put together portfolios as evidence of everything they've achieved at Dream School and some of the kids really get the bit between their teeth.

Jamie also calls the parents into school to encourage them to make the most of their kids' potential once Dream School finishes. But one of the girls immediately demonstrates the scale of the challenge by bunking off early.

Finally, Alastair Campbell reveals that he has an invitation for the students to meet the Prime Minister, David Cameron. But, unless some of their behaviour improves, they won't all be making the trip to Number Ten.

This was my post from October last year.

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