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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MoJ shoots itself in the foot over votes fiasco

MoJ shoots itself in the foot over votes fiasco

From Inside Time

It has come to the attention of Inside Time that the Treasury Solicitors, acting on behalf of the MoJ, are making a claim for costs, of £76 per prisoner, against each one of the 588 prisoners who claimed compensation over the government’s continued refusal to allow them the right to vote under the Hirst No 2 ruling. They have received letters from the Treasury Solicitor informing them they have 14 days to pay. This seems particularly stupid and spiteful considering that prisoners, due to their poor financial status, were granted Fee Exemption Certificates in order to lodge their claims. It works out that the MoJ are demanding a total of £44,688 from these prisoners, and the usual penalty for non-payment will be an extra 28 days in prison. This would work out at a cost to the taxpayer of £3,452 per prisoners serving an extra 28 days, a total of £2,029,776!

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