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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Secret prisoners...

Secret prisoners...


1.1 Prisoners are entitled to statutory (free), privilege (paid for by the prisoner) and special (special circumstances) letters.

1.4 A special letter is one that is not counted against a prisoner's allocation of statutory or privilege letters and which he/she is given permission to send for some special reason (see paragraphs 2.4 (a) to (f) below).

2.4 Convicted prisoners should be issued with one or more special letters, in the following circumstances:

(g) on a discretionary basis, for additional contact with their Member of Parliament (MP) Member of the National Assembly for Wales (AM), Member of the European Parliament (MEP) or Consular representative.

A prisoner is entitled to write to his or her MP using the statutory letter allowance or one paid for by the prisoner at own expense, or as stated above a special letter may be granted at the Governor's discretion.

Therefore, it is remarakable that someone not in prison is informed that they cannot contact their MP about an issue upon the threat that if they do so of having a child taken into care by the local authorities!

Story picked up here...

So secret… you would not have been able to read about this but for…… an MP and a blogger

Saturday, March 19, 2011 by Charon QC


Hyper-injunctions | The Secret Misery.

by Anna Raccoon on March 19, 2011

I urge you to read the following from Hansard, which, given that we are told that we have a free press, it is quite remarkable that no MSM has picked up on the story!

17 Mar 2011 : Column 139WH
Westminster Hall
Thursday 17 March 2011
[Mr Peter Bone in the Chair]
backbench business
Bill of Rights

2.30 pm

Mr Peter Bone (in the Chair): This very important debate is about articles 9 and 13 of the Bill of Rights and the role of Parliament in dealing with all grievances and the importance of freedom of communication between constituents and Members, and I know that it is very important, because the Leader of the House trailed it earlier. I remind Members of the importance of privilege, which we have here in Westminster Hall as in other parts of Parliament, but Members should always exercise their rights with care, particularly when naming individuals, and should avoid intrusion into areas that are within the jurisdiction of the courts, particularly things that are active before the courts.

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