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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Denise Fergus, James Bulger's mum, in unprovoked attack upon Robert Thompson

Denise Fergus, James Bulger's mum, in unprovoked attack upon Robert Thompson

Battleaxe Denise Fergus

Here we go again with Denise Fergus giving attention to what Robert Thompson is doing and then moaning about him getting attention! It was tragic what happened to Jamie Bulger. However, being angry, bitter and twisted for the rest of her life will only add to and not lessen her pain. I am aware that she will be feeling guilty for leaving Jamie unattended for long enough for him to be kidnapped and murdered. But, hounding Robert Thompson along with The Sun will not bring Jamie back and is an invasion of Robert Thompson's Article 8 human right to privacy and family life.


Anonymous said...

I am sick of this woman and her tabloid wailings. I think that now it is in the public interest to ask if she is being paid for these rants to the gutter press.

Robert Thompson is entitled to ask permission to go abroad. This in now way differs from the licence conditions he would have been given on release. Of course, the probation service is entitled to refuse. But it appears their trust in him was well placed. He travelled, committed no offence while abroad and returned.

I'm not saying that Denise Fergus doesn't feel the pain of her son's death every day but I've long suspected that she has taken to the role of professional victim far too well.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Why this woman thinks she should have a say in the judicial system is beyond me.

She was quoted in The Sun as saying, "I should have been made aware so that I could have made sure I wasn't abroad at the same time." What?? Does she think she'd even recognise him if he did happen to be one of the other 6 billion on this planet she might bump into on holiday?? Whilst what she went through is unimaginable, she has lost any credibility with her constant whining in the media.

Ron Knee said...

This is what's called free speech. Although it was the daily scum which informed her and chased the story up, I do think she's being manipulated by the gutter press just so they can sell more toilet paper. She has been through so much hurt, so why do they keep hounding her JUST for a column in a shitrag? Wouldn't it be human of them to let it lie and stop rubbing salt into the wound? BUT then again the Daily Scum reporters are NOT human.

The REAL monster in this issue is the Daily Shitrag. Fuckem and all wot sail in'em. Fuckem for raking all this shite over. Let her be.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ron, she could refuse to take The Sun's money couldn't she? She didn't. In fact, it was probably her shitstain of a PR guy (who has dubbed himself the 'Murdoch of the North') who approached The Scum.

My issue is that what she says is often presented as gospel - no-one can refute it (she even called for Maggie Atkinson to be sacked for having the nerve to disagree with her).

Anonymous said...

Much as I dislike what she has to say, I still have sympathy with her. She has never been given the chance to heal, because she has never been left alone. Any time anything related to the murder of her son comes up, journalists are straight on the phone to her. In effect they are torturing her to sell more papers. 'Hey Denise! Did you know Robert Thompson went on holiday? How do you feel about that, given that your son never had the chance to go on a holiday because he was brutally murdered?'

In the words of Charlie Brooker: Tabloid journalists - wasting their lives actively making the world worse.

Anonymous said...

I think what happen to baby James is so horrible. And those two boys have got away lightly. They knew what they were doing by the way they killed that poor child.

But what kind of punishment is good enough in these kind of crimes as they were only boys them selves.

My heart go's out to you Denise and no body can really under stand how you feel!

But those boys will come to a sticky end people like that always do. They don't really have a life they must always be looking over their shoulder. Its like they have two life's, One where they can't talk about because no body like a child killer. The other life they have to always tell lies.

Anonymous2 said...

I do not think that Venables has a good life. He lives in hell of drink/drug taking,false identity,child porn...Thompson does better only because he was/is cold blooded but he will be looking over his shoulder all his life.
As for mother of James I think that she is right to annoy Venables/Thompson/politicians.She has nothing to lose.Her wound will never heal.
Politicians just can't admit that their so called rehab failed.Both men are still evil. Venables with his child porn is a proof of it. Of course,as adults they will never kill a child again,but it is only because of adulthood.
These two bastards did terrible thing.Not only they did what they did but they poisoned lives of James's parents,their other children.Even strangers like me are upset.I will be upset with that murder for the rest of my life.Liverpool38 will be upset forever because they could have saved the boy but they did not.They have to live with it till they die.
When I think about those two bastards and what they did I just want them to be executed,to be honest.I want them to be killed in the same way they killed James.However,I always think that even if they were killed in the same way it will never change what had already happened with James.
No matter how much James's mother will be protesting,it will never heal her pain.I also find it difficult to understand why God allowed this murder to happen.In fact,this case illustrates all human suffering from the beginning of the world.