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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hic Honour Judge Douglas Field accused of being drunk

Hic Honour Judge Douglas Field accused of being drunk

Judge in 'paedophile' row court case accused of being 'influenced by alcohol'

A legal watchdog is investigating a crown court judge after he was accused of behaving as though 'influenced by alcohol' during a trial in which an alleged paedophile was freed.

Judge Douglas Field, 63, is said to have attended a leaving party during an extended lunch break.

He then instructed his jury to acquit the 55-year-old defendant, who was accused of raping a minor, after they failed to reach a verdict at the end of a five-day hearing.

I do recall the psychiatrist member on my Parole Board falling asleep after a liquid lunch. And recently, Kenneth Clarke appeared the worse for wear at an after lunch session of the JCHR. However, just because I know of other examples of inebriated officials on the job it does not mean that Hic Honour Judge Douglas Field is necessarily guilty as charged.

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Tim said...

Some Friday and Saturday nights I am as sober as a judge.