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Friday, April 01, 2011

Prisoners Riot Over UK Vote Ban!

Prisoners Riot Over UK Vote Ban!

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Riot Police and prison officers in body armour have regained control of Prisons across Britain after inmates reacted to the Government’s refusal to give them the right to vote.

The Prison Officers Association said all of the rioters had now been detained, with six having been identified as the ringleaders. The union’s deputy general secretary, Mark Freeman, said that the prisoners had smashed up playstation rooms and that many of their jacuzzi and corner bath units were now beyond repair.

Reports from Strangeways prison, suggest that inmates destroyed the roller coaster and had badly damaged both the amusement arcade and relaxation suite. The damage meant that about 160 inmates had to miss out on starters for their evening meal and Home office officials have issued an urgent appeal after stocks of Fois Grois and canapes hit crisis levels in prison kitchens.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said there had been no reports of injuries to prisoners or staff.

A “large amount” of political reading material had been found in the prison, and officers had been chasing inmates around for a couple of days “like a scene out of Benny Hill” attempting to get them to give up their copies of the Economist and Private Eye.

This reached a flashpoint when “In the early hours of Thursday staff tried to switch off coverage of Question Time’ Freeman said.

“When the prison officers pulled the plug, the inmates became violent and went on what we call a mutiny. This is a prison mutiny. This has been a long time waiting to happen.”.

Prison watchdogs have criticised UK institutions for their lack of sunbeds and 3D screens and believe that all of this when combined with the refusal to allow the vote tipped inmates over the edge.

A report by the prison’s own independent monitoring board in March 2009 found some prisons routinely operated with lupe warm power showers and that, in a gross infringement of their human rights, inmates had been denied the right to watch live Barclays premier League football matches.

One unnamed inmate spoke for prisoners across the land when he said ‘They’re treating us like criminals, at this rate we’d be better off going straight and finding a job’.

Juliet Lyon, director of the Prison Reform Trust, called for a review of prisons to determine how and why the riot broke out.

“Events of this kind are very rare in British prisons, and we must do everything in our power to stop it happening again….does anyone know how much a Sky subscription costs?’ she said.

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