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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Should the European Court be allowed to dash my hopes of a cure?

Should the European Court be allowed to dash my hopes of a cure?

An imminent European ruling on stem cell research would deprive me, and others who have currently uncurable medical conditions, of hope, says Alasdair Palmer.

By Alasdair Palmer 7:00PM BST 30 Apr 2011


"The European Court is at it again. No, not the court that has determined that Britain must give prisoners the vote, whatever our domestic law says – that's the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The villain this time is the Court that interprets EU directives for member states, and it's in Brussels, not Strasbourg".

I think that it is a good idea that disabled people, like Alasdair Palmer, are employed by the Daily Telegraph and Channel 4. However, just because someone is disabled does not give them a right to attack another national minority, that is, those with the social status of prisoners.

Why Alasdair Palmer should attack prisoners is beyond me. The villain of the piece is not the ECtHR but the UK which is in the dock and was found guilty of violating convicted prisoners human right to the vote.

If he was to find himself in prison, it would be the other prisoners who would look after him and not the system. When writing this woe is me, self-pitying, piece I think he should have left the prisoners out of it all together because they are not to blame for his condition. He just comes across as an angry, bitter and twisted bloke not deserving of pity.

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James Higham said...

That's what comes of supporting this insupportable body. Whatever the EU touches [and it is all connected, despite what the paperwork says, will produce a result such as this.